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Korean Journal of Fertility and Sterility 1987;14(1):7-17.
Serum Estradiol and Prolactin Levels During Hyperstimulated Menstrual Cycles
Young-Kwan Shin, Jin-Yong Lee
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, College of Medicine, Seoul National University
과배란 유도시 혈청 Estradiol 및 Prolactin치의 동태에 관한 연구
신영관, 이진용
서울대학교 의과대학 산부인과학교실
It appears that a major determinant of the success of in vitro fertilization is the selection of the optimal follicle containing an oocyte capable of being fertilized and producing a normal pregnancy. However, the hormonal basis of oocyte maturation is not well substantiated by the as yet available informations. It has been suggested that prolactin(PRL) may stimulate the formation of an oocyte maturation inhibitor and thus inhibit the maturation of oocyte. During the hyperstimulated menstrual cycles serum estradiol($E_2$) levels are markedly elevated, and it seems justified to assume that serum prolactin levels may be elevated since estrogens are potent stimulators of prolactin secretion. This study was carried out to ascertain the effect of the elevated serum estradiol levels on the serum prolactin levels in women undergoing ovarian hyperstimulation with either hMG and/or clomiphene citrate. Serum estradiol and prolactin profiles were measured from third menatrual cycle day to ovulation or ovum aspiration day in 11 normal menstruating women and 30 women who underwent an in vitro fertilization procedure with ovarian hyperstimulation by hMG, clomiphene citrate/hMG, clomiphene citrate. Ovum aspiration was performed 36 hours after hCG administration. The day of ovum aspiration or ovulation was designated Day 0. Serum estradiol levels increased progressively during the follicular phase and this rise peaked on Day-1 at a mean concentration of 1,204${\pm}$189.0pg/ml in Group II(hMG), 1,194${\pm}$167.9pg/ml in Group III(clomiphene citrate/hMG), 1,035${\pm}$195.1pg/ml in Group IV(clomiphene citrate) respectively and on Day -2 of 336${\pm}$34.5pg/ml in Group I(normal control). The elevated estradiol levels fen rapidly after ovulation or ovum aspiration. Serum estradiol values of hyperstimulated groups(Group II, III, IV) were significantly higher than that of control group(Group I) from Day -6 to Day +1, but there was no significant difference of estradiol values among the hyperstimulated groups. Serum prolactin levels increased and peaked on Day +1 at a mean concentration of 60.8${\pm}$14.4ng/ml in Group II, 34.2${\pm}$7.0ng/ml in Group III, 30.1${\pm}$5.7ng/ml in Group IV respectively, but no significant elevation was observed in Group I. Levels of estradiol and prolactin can be positively and significantly correlated in the hyperstimulated groups. However, the increase of serum prolactin levels in hMG group was significantly higher than those in clomiphene citrate/hMG or clomiphene citrate group.


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