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Korean Journal of Reproductive Medicine 2008;35(1):49-60.
Published online March 1, 2008.
Effects of 3-dimensional Co-culture of Human Endometrial Cells Decidualized with Progesterone and TGF-beta1 on the Development of Mouse 2-cell Embryos In Vitro.
Wook Hyun Kwon, Hwi Gon Kim, Dong Hyung Lee, Kyung Rae Ko, Kyu Sup Lee
1Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine, Pusan National University, Busan, Korea.
2Infertility Clinic, Pusan National University Hospital, Busan, Korea.
This study was carried out to investigate the effects of 3-dimensional co-culture of human endometrial cells decidualized with progesterone and TGF-beta1 on the development of 2-cell mouse embryos. METHODS: Stromal and epithelial cells isolated from human endometrial tissue were immunostained for cytokeratin and vimentin. Expression of TGF-beta1, its receptor-1,-2, integrin-beta3 and prolactin in mono or co-culture according to three different hormone conditions was investigated by RT-PCR. Differential staining was used to investigate the number of ICM and trophectoderm of hatched mouse blastocysts in different three conditions. RESULTS: The immunohistochemical study was positive for cytokeratin or vimentin and confirmed that epithelial and stromal cells were isolated from endometrial tissue successfully. In co-culture, TGF-beta1, its receptor-1, integrin-beta3 and prolactin except TGF-beta1-r2 were expressed in progesterone dominant condition. The hatching and attaching rate were higher in the co-culture with decidualized cells (p<0.05). However, we observed that lots of the incomplete hatched blactocysts attached on non-decidualized cells. The ICM number of hatched mouse blastocysts was higher in co-culture with decidualized and non decidualized cells than media only culture (p<0.05). The trophectoderm number of hatched blastocyst was higher in the co-culture with decidualized cells than non-decidualized cells or media only culture (p<0.05). CONCLUSION: The administration of progesterone, estrogen and TGF-beta could induce decidualization of stromal and epithelial cells isolated from human endometrial tissue using 3-dimensional co-culture, and the decidualization of human endometrial cells could increase the hatching and attaching rate of 2-cell mouse embryos.
Key Words: Decidualization; TGF-beta1; Co-culture; Progesterone; RT-PCR


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