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Korean Journal of Fertility and Sterility 1985;12(2):71-79.
The Effect of Estrogen Pretreatment on Ovarian Morphology and Ovulation, Fertilization of the Oocytes Following Super Ovulation in Immature Mice
Moon-Hwoe Kim, Byung-Hee Suh, Jae-Hyun Lee
Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, School of Medicine, Kyung Hee University
미숙 흰쥐의 과도배란에 따른 난소의 조직학적 형태와 난모세포의 배란 및 수정에 estrogen의 전처치가 미치는 영향
김문회, 서병희, 이재현
경희대학교 의과대학 산부인과학교실
Systemic extrogen therapy promotes multiple preantral follicular development in immature mice. Estrogen pretreated ovaries might therefore be a useful source of cells for in vitro studies of oocytes maturation. Silastic capsules (5.0 mm length; 3.18 mm outer diameter, 1.57 mm inner diameter) filled with diethylstilbesterol were implanted subcutaneously in experimental mice (ICR) for up to 6 days. Ovarian weight and histology in diethylstilbesterol pretreated and control animal were assessed before and after pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin treatment and after human chorionic gonadotrophin. The following results were obtained; 1. Ovarian weight was significantly increased by 6 days of diethylstilbesterol pretreatment. Subsequent ovarian weight gain in response to pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin and human chorionic gonadotrophin was increased. 2. Diethylstilnbesterol pretreatment stimulated the developed healthy preantral follicles. 3. Forty eight hours after pregnant mare serum gonadotrophin treatment, a larger number of the antral follicles which developed in diethylstilbesterol pretreated animals showed signs of atresia, whereas in the control ovaries there was a higher incidence of premature luteinization. 4. Forty eight hours after human chorionic gonadotrophin, numerous corpora lutea and occasional luteinized unruptured follicles were present in both control and diethylstilbesterol ovaries. 5. Ovulation rate, fertilization rate and subsequent preimplantation development in vitro were not adversely affected by diethylstilbesterol pretreatment. However, there was considerable variation in the ovulation rate the number of animals with more than 60 ovulations was greater in the diethylstilbesterol gorup (52.4%) as compared to the control (33.3%).


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