Acknowledgment to reviewers for 2017

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Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2018;45(1):56-56
Publication date (electronic) : 2018 March 30
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On behalf of the editor and editorial board, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the reviewers and contributors who have generously endowed with their time and efforts in appraising the manuscripts submitted to Clinical and Experimental Reproductive Medicine in 2017.

It was their help that made it possible for the journal to achieve a new level of caliber and rigor.

Cheon, Yong-Pil Sungshin Women's University Kim, Yong-Jin Korea University
Cho, Moon-Kyoung Chonnam National University Koo, Hwa Seon CHA University
Choi, Jung Kyu CHA University Ku, Seung-Yup Seoul National University
Choi, Young Sik Yonsei University Lee, Dong Ryul CHA University
Chun, Sungwook Inje University Lee, Heejun CHA University
Chung, Mikyung Seoul Rachel Fertility Center Lee, Hyo Serk Dankook University
Cui, Xiang-Shun Chungbuk National University Lee, Jaeho CHA IVF Seoul Station Center
Gye, Myung Chan Hanyang University Lee, Joongyeup Hamchoon Women's Clinic
Hwang, Kyuri Seoul National University Lee, Kyung-Ah CHA University
Jee, Byung Chul Seoul National University Lee, Sung Ho Sang Myung University
Jeong, Kyungah Ewha Womans University Park, Dong-Wook Dankook University
Joo, Jong Kil Pusan National University Park, Joon Cheol Keimyung University
Jun, Jin Hyun Eulji University Park, Yong-Seog Cheil General Hospital & Women's Healthcare Center
Kang, Youn-Jung CHA University Rhee, Jeong Ho Keimyung University
Kim, Chung-Hoon Ulsan University Rhee, Kunsoo Seoul National University
Kim, Chunghyon Hamchoon Women's Clinic Ruy, Sangwoo CHA University
Kim, Eun-Kyung Fertility Center, CHA Bundang Medical Center Seo, Seok-Kyo Yonsei University
Kim, Gi Jin CHA University Song, Haengseok CHA University
Kim, Hoon Seoul National University Song, Seung Hun CHA University
Kim, Ja yun CHA University, Korea Takashi Miyano Kobe University, Japan
Kim, Jin Ju Seoul National University Yang, Kwang Moon Maria Fertility Hospital
Kim, Jong Hyeon Chonbuk National University Yi, Kyong-Wook Korea University
Kim, Jong Hyun Mizmedi Hospital Yoon, Sook-Young CHA University
Kim, Miran Ajou University Youm, Hyewon Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Kim, Nam-Hyung Chungbuk National University Yun, Bo Hyon Yonsei University
Kim, Seul Ki Seoul National University
Kim, Sung Hoon Asan Medical Center, University of Ulsan College of Medicine

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