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Misuse of testosterone replacement therapy in men in infertile couples and its influence on infertility treatment
Seung-Hun Song, Suye Sung, Young Sun Her, Mihee Oh, Dong Hyuk Shin, Jinil Lee, Jeongwon Baek, Woo Sik Lee, Dong Suk Kim
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2019;46(4):173-177.   Published online November 19, 2019
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Case Report
Delayed recovery of a patient with obstructive azoospermia and a history of acute epididymitis
Seung-Hun Song, Jeong Yun Shim, Suye Sung, Young Sun Her, Mihee Oh, Dong Hyuk Shin, Jinil Lee, Jeoungwon Baek, Woo Sik Lee, Dong Suk Kim
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2019;46(2):95-98.   Published online June 1, 2019
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Original Articles
Novel method of histopathological analysis after testicular sperm extraction in patients with nonobstructive and obstructive azoospermia
Gianmartin Cito, Maria Elisabetta Coccia, Rita Picone, Gabriella Nesi, Andrea Cocci, Sara Dabizzi, Giulio Garaffa, Rossella Fucci, Patrizia Falcone, Francesco Bertocci, Raffaella Santi, Luciana Criscuoli, Sergio Serni, Marco Carini, Alessandro Natali
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2018;45(4):170-176.   Published online November 30, 2018
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Factors influencing sperm retrieval following testicular sperm extraction in nonobstructive azoospermia patients
Peyman Salehi, Marzieh Derakhshan-Horeh, Zakiye Nadeali, Majid Hosseinzadeh, Erfan Sadeghi, Mohammad Hossein Izadpanahi, Mansour Salehi
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2017;44(1):22-27.   Published online March 31, 2017
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Effects of maternal age on embryo quality and pregnancy outcomes using testicular sperm with intracytoplasmic sperm injection
Hye Won Choi, Yong-Seog Park, Sun-Hee Lee, Chun Kyu Lim, Ju Tae Seo, Kwang Moon Yang
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2016;43(4):221-227.   Published online December 26, 2016
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Causes and classification of male infertility in Korea
Hui Dai Lee, Hyo Serk Lee, Se Hwan Park, Dae Gi Jo, Jin Ho Choe, Joong Shik Lee, Ju Tae Seo
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2012;39(4):172-175.   Published online December 31, 2012
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Efficacy of testicular sperm chromatin condensation assay using aniline blue-eosin staining in the IVF-ET cycle
Yong-Seog Park, Myo Kyung Kim, Sun-Hee Lee, Jae Won Cho, In Ok Song, Ju Tae Seo
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2011;38(3):142-147.   Published online September 30, 2011
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Comparative Results of Embryo Development and Clinical Pregnancy using Sperm Retrieved from Fresh and Frozen-thawed Testicular Tissue from Patients with Obstructive and Non-obstructive Azoospermia.
Yong Seog Park, Su Jin Choi, Sun Hee Lee, Dong Wook Park, Chun Kyu Lim, Jin Hyun Jun, Mi Kyoung Koong, Chan Woo Park, In Ok Song, Ju Tae Seo
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2009;36(4):301-310.   Published online December 1, 2009
Clinical Outcome of IVF-ET using Testicular Sperm Retrieved from Patients with Obstructive Azoospermia or Hypospermatogenesis.
Sang Chul Han, Yong Seog Park, Su Jin Choi, Sun Hee Lee, Seung Bum Hong, Hyoung Song Lee, Chun Kyu Lim, In Ok Song, Ju Tae Seo
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2009;36(1):55-61.   Published online March 1, 2009
Effect of Testicular Histopathology on Pregnancy Outcomes in Non-Obstructive Azoospermia.
Chan Woo Park, Ju Tae Seo, Yong Seog Park, Hye Ok Kim, Kwang Moon Yang, Jin Young Kim, Mi Kyoung Koong, Inn Soo Kang, In Ok Song
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2008;35(4):293-301.   Published online December 1, 2008
Comparison of ICSI Outcomes between Fresh and Cryopreserved-Thawed Testicular Spermatozoa.
Young Sik Choi, Young Min Choi, Soo Woong Kim, Jae Seung Paick, Byung Chul Jee, Seung Yup Ku, Chang Suk Suh, Seok Hyun Kim, Jung Gu Kim, Shin Yong Moon
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2008;35(2):131-141.   Published online June 1, 2008
Effects of Y Chromosome Microdeletion on the Outcome of in vitro Fertilization.
Noh Mi Choi, Kwang Moon Yang, Inn Soo Kang, Ju Tae Seo, In Ok Song, Chan Woo Park, Hyoung Song Lee, Hyun Joo Lee, Ka young Ahn, Ho Suap Hahn, Hee Jung Lee, Na Young Kim, Seung Youn Yu
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2007;34(1):41-48.   Published online March 1, 2007
Differential Expressions of Apoptosis Regulators and Protein Profiling by SELDI-TOF Mass Spectrometry in Human Testis with Obstructive and Non-obstructive Azoospermia.
Suel Kee Kim, Ho Seung Kim, Ho Joon Lee, Yong Seog Park, Ju Tae Seo, Yong Dal Yoon
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2005;32(2):121-132.   Published online June 1, 2005
Comparative Analysis of Pregnancy Outcomes after In Vitro Fertilization with Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (IVF-ICSI) between Obstructive and Non-obstructive Azoospermia.
Chan Woo Park, Mi Kyoung Koong, Kwang Moon Yang, Jin Young Kim, Keun Jai Yoo, Ju Tae Seo, Sang Jin Song, Yong Seog Park, Inn Soo Kang, Jin Hyun Jun
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2003;30(3):207-216.   Published online September 1, 2003
The Study on Comparison of Clinical Outcomes of Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection in Patients with Epididymal Sperm and Testicular Sperm.
Ki Cheong Sung, Moon Joo Kang, Hee Sun Kim, Sun Kyung Oh, Seung Yup Ku, Chang Suk Suh, Seok Hyun Kim, Young Min Choi, Jung Gu Kim, Shin Yong Moon
Clin Exp Reprod Med. 2003;30(2):119-126.   Published online June 1, 2003
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